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Show Album

These are some of the show dogs I have shown.


CH. Collessie Rockstar Hendrix


CH. Collessie Countrystar Cody


Sire: CH. Craigend The Boss Sire: CH. Craigend The Boss
Dam: Craigend Candlelario Dam: Craigend Candlelario
DOB: 15.04.2017 DOB: 15.04.2017



CH. Collessie ReeIdancer


CH. Collessie Sweet Basil


Sire: Collessie Goldensaffron Sire: Collessie Goldensaffron
Dam: Collessie Maggie Lauder Dam: Collessie Maggie Lauder
DOB: 04.09.2016 DOB: 04.09.2016



CH. Collessie Duchess In Waiting

(Peggy Sue)

CH. Collessie Wicked Contessa


Sire: Collessie Goldensaffron Sire: Collessie Goldensaffron
Dam: Collessie Wicked Duchess Dam: Collessie Wicked Duchess
DOB: 28.10.2016 DOB: 28.10.2016



CH. Calmaceile Unbelevable Big Bang


CH. Calmaceile Mismavel


Sire: CH. NZ Ballathie Unbelievable (imp NZ) Sire: Collessie Goldensaffron
Dam: CH. Calmaceile The Big Bang Theory Dam: CH. Calmaceile Unbelevable Bigbang
DOB: 26.06.2014 DOB: 15.10.2016






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Donna and Neil Robinson
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]