“Everyone thinks they have the best dog…

and none of them are wrong”

(W. R. Purche)

Ayladee Kennels have been a long-standing loving family commitment to provide dog breeds with quality structure and gorgeous temperament for all people to enjoy as loyal companions, best friends and welcome additional members of their family. We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW; 30 mins from Maitland, 60 mins from Newcastle and 2 hours from Sydney. Starting out with breeding Labrador Retrievers (Black, Yellow, and Chocolate) we have also now expanded our four legged family to include breeding and showing the mighty Cairn Terrier.

When searching for the right style of smaller dog to breed with, my husband and I could not go past the Cairn Terrier. Cairn Terriers are one of the oldest terrier breeds known and originate from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. They are a fascinating mix of strong, sturdy and feistiness, mixed with a great deal of playfulness, loyalty and fun-loving natures.

After our first puppy Cairn, Cooper, came to live with us, we never looked back. Over the past 4 years, I have had an amazingly interesting and lovely time meeting those in the know in the Cairn Terrier breeding and showing world. Everyone I have met has been so happy and generous in imparting their knowledge and expertise to help me learn all there is to know about these gorgeous dogs.

I have gained alot of insight into the history of the breed and ability in the grooming of the Cairn coat, and  what makes a quality structured, and good-natured Cairn Terrier. I welcome any queries at any time and guarantee that I will endeavour to source the answer to these as my own interest in these dogs is continuous. I am also open to others providing me with their own information as I never tire of learning about people’s experiences or knowledge regarding the Cairns.

(Please click on our Show Album on this website for pics and details of our proud little Champions).

Our Cairns are our family and are cared for just as lovingly as can be.  We are very pleased and proud to say that we have now produced two litters recently, from Peggy Sue and Stella, and invite you to have a look through our puppy page to view these quality robust and fun-loving Cairn Terriers.


Thanks for looking at our website and please feel free to contact us.  [email protected]


None of us are wrong when we say we have the best dog -

but owning a Cairn Terrier is surely one of the best by far!!!!

– Donna and Neil Robinson…

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